TEI 2015 Finalist- STANFORD UNIVERSITY                                               Photo:

Light Mixer is an interactive installation that uses water  to interact with color and light. Its fluid interface allows a user to combine digital color with the sense of  fluid proportionality experienced in mixing liquid paint.

Water, as control, provides an immediate sense of quantity and proportionality, giving the user tangible feedback for the state of the system. The user is guided by her fluid sensibility to learn how to mix colors of her choice.

The Light Mixer also works as an educational tool for learning about how RGB color mixes. 

Role: Concept, Design, Programmng and Fabrication

Technologies: Arduino, Milone Technologies Liquid Level Sensor, Custom Copper Switches, and the Arduino CapSense library

Picture Words is an interactive installation that renders the portrait of a user in her spoken words. The project is an expression of the idea that language and image are tied to each other. 

The words spoken by these actors are taken from the writings of surrealist painter Renee Magritte, whose worked explored the relationship of language thought and reality.

Role: Concept, Programming, Installation

Technologies: Processing + Speech to Text  library