These projects are explorations in networked sensors. They are  exercises in learning network protocols rather than product proposals.

LASER CATS is a connected rotational camera and laser for remote pet interactions.  The user is able to control its direction from a browser.

Role: Arduino side programming and fabrication. Sockets and server by Andy Singler

Technologies: Node.js, WebSockets, Arduino


CloudCommuting tracks the flow of stock between two networked stations. We tracked the journey of RFID tags over a two server socket connection

When sensing the arrival of new RFID tags, the destination Arduino station notifies the departure station of the tag's journey, keeping tabs on the flow of inventory.

Role: Programming for Arduino + data communication to local Node server. Live server communication by Rodrigo Deteano.

Technologies:, Node.js, Herokuapp, Javascript, Arduino


ROLL-OUT is a connected toilet paper holder that texts the user when toilet paper is running low.

Role: Programming

Technologies: Node.js, WebSockets, Arduino, Bluetooth Serial, Twilio